Palworld developers hold emergency meeting with Epic as number of concurrent players increases

Eliana Bolati

Palworld has been breaking records left, right and center since its launch. In fact, the number of concurrent players has reached such an unprecedented high that an “emergency meeting” has been called with Epic Games to provide a quick fix to the problem.

Palworld has been hard to miss since its release on January 19, selling over a million copies in the first eight hours alone. Players praised the concept and gameplay of the game, which describes itself as “multiplayer, open-world survival and crafting”.

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The game's unexpected popularity has impressed Palworld's developers, Pocketpair. But things weren't exactly smooth sailing during her debut.

Most notably, there have been issues with Xbox game scrolling and connectivity issues; Especially since the game's co-op mode causes some minor frustration over the weekend. Now, Epic Games is stepping in.

Many players found themselves encountering errors while trying to connect and play with friends as the number of concurrent players in the game rose well above expectations.

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As the Pocketpair developers explained on Twitter; “The number of players exceeded 700,000 concurrent players, and an issue occurred in the Epic Games backend.”

However, “emergency meetings” held with Epic were able to provide a quick solution to the issue.

“You should notice an improvement in connectivity and the errors should start disappearing soon,” the developers said on Twitter. Since the reform, Palworld has reached The peak number of concurrent players is over 850,000 According to Steam charts.

Pocket pair

Palworld broke records to reach the top ten most played games on Steam ever in its first weekend.

This places it in the top ten most played games of all time on Steam, and its player count shows no sign of slowing down. Palworld's popularity looks set to continue breaking records for now.

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