Overwatch 2 players fear that Season 9's changes will make the game too “easy.”

Carver Fisher

Overwatch 2 Season 9 promises sweeping changes to each hero's projectiles and hitboxes, making landing on targets much easier. Players are concerned that these changes could end up making shots too easy, significantly lowering the game's skill ceiling.

Season 9 is something Overwatch 2 players have been looking forward to for a while. As soon as the Competitive 3.0 changes were announced, players were excited to enter Corporate matches and improve their rankings.

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However, changes to the size of both projectile heroes' attacks and strikes will make it easier for everyone to land shots. Along with the new anti-healing passive ability on DPS heroes, there is some concern that DPS characters will roll on entire squads.

The new patch will take some time to determine how the meta will be affected by Season 9's adjustments, but players are concerned.

Overwatch 2 players are skeptical about Season 9's changes

To give you a rundown of the biggest changes in Season 9 (if you want more details, you can read the leaked patch notes), here's what you need to know:

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The power of strikes, projectiles, beams, and many large projectiles has increased significantly in Season 9. Overwatch 2 has a long-standing reputation as one of the toughest competitive shooters on the market because of how much you can do. Track to hit moving targets like Mercy, but this may change next patch.

The visual posted by Reddit user Zelltribal set the record straight for many Overwatch 2 players regarding how significant these changes are. While some players are excited that it will be easier to hit shots, others are a bit more skeptical.

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“The fact that this change hasn't been tested on PTE or the beta playlist is criminal. This shit will break like crazy and with the healing down, passive tanks will become useless and dissolve. One user replied.”

Another said: “This change will make aiming terrifyingly easy.”

This sentiment is reflected across the entire Overwatch community. While some are excited about the big changes coming, others feel as though they may exacerbate existing problems with Overwatch 2.

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“All I know is that this patch will either be a complete disaster or a surprisingly good change because these are some major changes.” said one Redditor. Another replied: “It will almost certainly be heaven for DPS players and a living hell for tanks. Quite possibly a massive disaster.”

With such a large list of drastic changes, it's no surprise that players are cautious about how successful these changes will be.

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