Outrageous moment titled New York City subway rider brings full-size motorcycle onto train

  • A man who brought his full-size motorcycle onto a New York City subway car got angry when people complained they couldn’t overtake him.
  • His large bicycle visibly impeded passengers’ ability to move up and down the train car and reach their exits
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In another bizarre and outrageous moment on the New York City subway, a commuter brought a full-size motorcycle onto a train, then played the victim when other commuters complained that it was blocking the aisle.

In the crowded train carriage, the unidentified man got into a confrontation with a passenger who apparently asked to move around him, according to footage of the incident.

‘I’m not moving.’ The bike owner said, “I’m not moving.”

“I’m standing here.” “There is no place,” he added, without mentioning the fact that it was his bike that was completely blocking the people behind him from reaching the driveway.

The bicycle is positioned to prevent passengers from being able to move up and down the train carriage and reach the exit doors at their stations.

“Why don’t you ask him to tell them to move over there,” the man said, pointing to the people at the other end of the car, who he felt had to drag themselves so the passengers could get in and out through the door. He wasn’t obscuring.

The man became defensive about the space he was taking up in a train car crowded with his large motorbike. He told the others that they would have to use other doors to get out and get into the train, because it would not move

It is not clear exactly who the man is talking to, although he is surrounded by passengers, and it is clear that a woman is trying to navigate around the motorbike.

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Netizens generally seemed to agree that the man acted selfishly and inappropriately by bringing his full-sized motorcycle onto the subway.

“People are rude, reckless, and simply selfish now.” “It’s all about them,” Eric Priestley wrote in the comments section of the video posted on Twitter.

Another person wrote: “There is no respect or consideration for anyone else.”

A third person wrote: “Entitlement is all the rage these days.”

The MTA allows bicycles in the New York City subway, and they recently updated their rules to include powered e-bikes in this category.

There are size and weight limits that apply to electric bicycles now allowed on trains, and the rule does not apply to motorized bicycles, which is what this guy seems to have.

Online commenters generally agreed that the man was unreasonable and entitled, and likely wouldn’t have brought a large motorcycle into the NYC subway in the first place.

The final scene on the New York City subway comes days after things turned violent on a different train car when an angry passenger threw his elbows at a passenger he had slept on.

Wild footage shows an angry man berating another passenger for sleeping on his shoulder.

The man shouted in Spanish, “You’re asleep and I’m not your fucking pillow.”

He kept getting impatient with this person and told him it would be best to switch seats so he could sit next to another rider on the seat across from his passenger who was also sleeping.

“I’m not your fucking pillow.” “If you want to sleep, sleep next to him,” he said, pointing to the man across from them, “because you’re both asleep.”

A passenger (center) caresses another man (left) moments after he cursed him for sleeping on his shoulder in a New York City subway car

A subway passenger (right) punches another passenger (left) after he defends a customer who was elbowed in the face by the man he got into a fight with

The man kept warning the passenger next to him that it was not his pillow.

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‘do you understand? do you understand? “I’m not your fucking pillow,” he yelled.

The sleeping passenger made a comment about the angry man’s mother, which enraged him so much that he elbowed the passenger in the face three times, while other customers seated around them quickly got up and ran down the subway car.

‘Now what are you going to do?’ The attacker said as he stared at him for a moment before the man sitting on the bench who had been shouted at earlier stood up and punched him in the face.

The two men exchanged punches and held each other for about 30 seconds, only stopping when the train stopped at the station.

An NYPD spokesperson told DailyMail.com that they are “aware of the video and are looking into the circumstances of the incident”.

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