OnePlus 12R ad says you should 'upgrade from a Pixel phone'

The OnePlus 12R is a really good phone “on a budget,” but in a new ad campaign, OnePlus says users should “upgrade from their Pixel.”

The OnePlus 12R debuted in February as an affordable smartphone designed to deliver a flagship experience. I did this by relying on an older processor and making some other minor cuts to the camera and removing wireless charging as well, but it's… truly Good device for $499.

Jordan Floyd praised its performance, features, and overall quality for the price in his review (above).

But in a new ad, OnePlus is directly challenging Google, saying Pixel owners should “upgrade from your Pixel” by switching to the OnePlus 12R. The ad we spotted on Facebook boasts and advertises the “More Money, Less Money” slogan for the OnePlus 12R phone. Starting at $399. However, this price only applies when replacing another device. OnePlus will offer at least $100 any smart phone.

If you upgrade from Pixel, That trade is worth $100 It's actually pretty excellent, since many older Pixel phones have very low resale values ​​at this point. However, OnePlus' lesser cameras tend to lag behind even older Pixels, and OxygenOS isn't for everyone, so whether or not this is an “upgrade” is a personal matter, and OnePlus is certainly daring to challenge. directly.

what do you think? Are you calling the OnePlus 12R an “upgrade from your Pixel” as OnePlus says?

OnePlus 12R is Available for purchase now.

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