One of the last remaining humanitarians in Gaza describes the living conditions of the people

I was able to contact a UNICEF member on site in Gaza. It describes the conditions under which the Kazans had to live. Very little food, water scarcity and repeated bombings.

300,000 Gazans are currently stranded without adequate resources. We contacted UNICEF and were able to speak with one of the last humanitarian workers on site. He notes that the humanitarian situation is very complex. “The reserve lacks water and food and has all the basic elements for survivalDes Ingram, UNICEF's member in Gaza, says:Shelter, medicine, clothing, food, water,… trying to bring as many supplies as we can and distribute them to those in need.

More than a catastrophic situation, Tess Ingram asserts that children are exposed to serious physical and emotional dangers. “I visited the hospital today where I met families and children“, she says. “Two weeks ago, a fourteen-year-old girl named Jenna was in the hospital. The wall collapsed. His ten-year-old cousin was killed. Jenna and her mother had to have their hands amputated. When I met her today, she didn't speak. She was still in shock and she was depressed.”

This is a story about children killed in Gaza. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, there are a total of 13,800

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