One FF7 Rebirth line changes everything we know about Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth He looks ready to dive in Fool's sword-First straight to the stories about the multiverse. Instead of chasing tired trends like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Square EnixRecounting three matches of FF7 We may be getting closer to one of the most influential comic strips of the last century: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This DC Comics story takes place in the mid-1980s after a multiversal catastrophe led to countless realities merging together into one universe. Countless superheroes died, and when the dust settled, only one Earth remained. There have been a lot of hints since then Remake of Final Fantasy VII That this novel FF7 He appears to exist in a parallel or rebooted universe. Will these universes merge by the end of the third game?

There is a suspicious streak from September FF7 Rebirth Release date reveals trailer Which is still stuck in my creeps: “It's upon us: the reunion – when worlds merge,” Sephiroth says. This indicates that he wants to do more than just reunite Jenova, he wants to unify and control multiple worlds. So let's dig a little deeper into how this happens.

Cloud and Aerith talk with fireworks in the background.

Screenshot: Square Enix

Reunion theory

Reunion is a haunting thought in FF7Story, but nothing to do with merging worlds. Early in the Midgar section, foreboding figures in dark hoods murmur about a “reunion.” We eventually learn that Professor Hojo experimented on these people using Jenova cells to create super soldiers.

“You see, even if Jenova's body is dismembered, he will eventually return to his body again,” Hugo explains. “This is what the Jenova encounter is for.”

Often referred to as “Disaster from the Skies”, Jenova is a horrific shape-shifting alien with a type of psychic connection that operates on a cellular level. Sephiroth was injected with Jenova cells In the womb He obtained all sorts of superpowers, but it was a journey into the stream of life that granted him functional immortality.

Sephiroth was rumored to have died Nibelheim Incident Five years before the match. In fact, he was thrown into the Mako reactor shaft. Instead of being absorbed by the Life Stream like a normal person would, he took control of Jenova's alien biological network and integrated a physical form into a cocoon in the North Pit. (If you're unclear about this order of events, don't worry. It wasn't particularly clear in the days before wikis.)

Meanwhile, most of the other people tested on Hojo have been reduced to catatonia and labeled as “failed Sephiroth clones” or “shadows of man.” Yet they still had Jenova inside them. this He is the true source of Sephiroth's power, as he can exert his will through every piece of Jenova and maintain his consciousness in the Lifestream. Most often, we see Sephiroth throughout the original text FF7 He is just a piece of alien flesh that he transforms into his form.

Even when Sephiroth's apparition in the Northern Pit was eventually defeated, he did so no cease to exist. His consciousness persists, giving rise to the disease Geostigma in the animated sequel The arrival of children Which infects people with small pieces of Genova. He also conjures the remains of himself, and one of them fuses with Jenova's head to revive his physical form for another battle against Cloud.

“I'll never… be a memory,” Sephiroth sneered as Cloud killed him again.

The Lifestream contains all the memories, emotions, and knowledge of every person who has ever lived, and the rules regarding its relationship to time are arcane at best. However, Sephiroth can realize all of this while still controlling Jenova's effects on the failed clones, which include Cloud – and possibly… Zack Fair.

Screenshot: Square Enix

When worlds collide

in July 2021 interview with Player, remake And New birth Co-director Motomo Toriyama said:remake It's based on the original, but it's created after all these additions to the universe, so we want to take advantage of that and plan it as a kind of “We come together” For all actions stipulated in Final Fantasy VII universe so far.”

throughout remakeSephiroth convinces the party to take a path to challenge the Whispers and create…A world of unlimited freedom…Far beyond where Fate could follow.” Then right at the climax, we see a flashback to Zack's last stand on the outskirts of Midgar. Somehow, destroying the forces of Fate allowed Zack to live, but for what? Exposing this fixed point in time Danger creates a whole other world, where things are different. Considering the strange things Jenova has been able to do so far, Sephiroth exercising his will across multiple timelines seems plausible. It is very likely that the Lifestream's reach expands across parallel worlds rather than all the time.

It's all in the compilation Final Fantasy VII – he is called Before the crisis, Crisis ever, The arrival of childrenAnd National Anthem of Cerberus — is technically part of the original FF7 continuity, but there are a lot of characters and concepts that weren't even hinted at in the original text in it remake and collection of incidental materials. Then Zack's world separates from the core remake timetable. see in December 2023 theme song trailer Biggs laments the loss of Barrett, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa to Zack. Another scene shows Jessie dancing on a stage, likely in the Gold Saucer, which must either be a flashback or another world entirely if she died in both canonical timelines.


There is, too Summer Games Festival 2023 promo Which depicts a news report where Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, and Aerith are apparently killed by a tornado on Midgar. Later, we see Cloud gasping about the reunion wearing those iconic outfits, likely in the Northern Pit with other clones. This could be what happens to Cloud in the timeline Zack lives in. Without the trauma of losing Zack, Cloud may have never emerged from his catatonic state, and may have helped Sephiroth rather than preventing him from pursuing Meteor. In the best case scenario, we're looking at a timeline where Sephiroth can control not one but two super-powered soldiers.

After Cloud beat Sephiroth in Remake of FF7 In the end, he was sucked through a wormhole and transported to the “Edge of Creation.” Not only does the wormhole evoke time travel and alternate realities, but it and the void also appear in the final battle of the original game. However, modern graphics place us in the outer regions of space.

“Our world will be a part of it…one day,” Sephiroth says, staring at a nearby galaxy. Heavenly sentiments sound similar to what he's saying The arrival of children“What I want, Cloud,” he says, “is to sail through the darkness of the universe with this planet as my ship, just like my mother did so long ago.” “Then one day we will find a new planet and create a bright future on its soil.”

Sephiroth possesses the DNA of an alien who traveled the universe and destroyed planets with meteorites, creating new life from the destruction by literally smashing celestial bodies together. His goal is in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It may be the literal birth of a new world – in a way that is even more devastating and cosmic in scope.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Coming to PS5 on February 29.

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