Olivia Rodrigo has released a new song — and a new Instagram feature

A new Instagram feature allows users to add music to their network posts — and Olivia Rodrigo is the first person to do so.

The feature was introduced today by Rodrigo, who used it to reveal her new song, “Bad Idea Isn’t It?” Instagram users can attach a song of their choice to a soundtrack to a carousel post with multiple photos or videos, similar to how you add audio clips to Stories or Reels. It appears that the feature is in the process of being rolled out to users.

Unfortunately, the edge I didn’t get a preview of the song and the post is under embargo, so I can’t tell you much about it. But if it’s anything like “good 4 u” from her latest album, I really like her.

Instagram is also releasing a few new features along with this one. First, followers will have a new incentive to make reels: when a fan uses a “Add you” sticker To create a video based on a claim, they will have the chance to be featured by the original creator or artist. When a creator chooses a submission to be featured, the video appears at the top of the landing page, and other reels pop up from the poster prompt. Creators will be able to pin up to 10 reels to feature, and fans will get a notification if the creator chooses their video.

Instagram is also expanding the collaborative posting feature to include up to three other accounts as co-authors of posts. Collabs allows public and private accounts to share content together and show it in each account’s feed.

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