Oliver Anthony Tells Joe Rogan His Truck Came Out ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Style Out of the Back of a Tow Vehicle – Deadline

Singer-songwriter Oliver Anthony has a truck with 325,000 miles on it, including a salvage title. He revealed that it had been driving like a covered wagon, since it had fallen off the back of a tow truck.

Now he wants to sell it.

Hopefully he told Joe Rogan today The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, someone will buy the car from him and donate the money to charity.

That was among the revelations of the Rich Men of North Richmond songwriter, who became a viral sensation for his searing political lament about the lack of hearing from a certain segment of the population.

In addition to the podcast appearance, Anthony also appeared last Tuesday night at Joe Rogan’s Austin-based comedy club, Comedy Mothership.

“It’s funny because the song [“Rich Men North of Richmond”] “Not even in the top five,” Anthony said of his controversial success. “I’ve written songs with similar messages. But as far as that kind of anthem, as people call it, that’s not something I normally write… I had no idea that song would have the reaction it did.

Anthony noted that the song’s parodies are being circulated by artificial intelligence.

“Any online presence I have now is from me, off the phone… I haven’t taken the time to look at everything that’s going around, but friends and family have sent me stuff, some of it pretty funny,” Anthony said. . “They’ve got all these AI-powered remixes of the song with different voices and different faces, and it’s funny to see where it goes.”

Anthony is not a fan of social media, which makes his success even more amazing.

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“People bring their best and worst selves to the internet. I’ve always tried to stay away from social media as much as possible, but I learned very quickly that with Twitter and Facebook and things like that, you see people reacting to both in a very positive way and you won’t be able to get It has a personal conversation, but it’s also very negative. People just use that as an outlet to let out any hatred that’s boiling inside of them and say, ‘I’m going to have this guy with it.’

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