Older vaccines may be effective against monkey flu

The specific vaccine developed by the Bavarian Nordic company for a number of years can only be ordered by federal officials. Monkey usually causes fever-like symptoms and skin ulcers. It appeared earlier this month in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Canada and the US, mostly among homosexuals.

Talking about the “sexually transmitted virus” within groups of people is even more prevalent, according to Dr. Sontgen, and research on the subject is ongoing. The infection has been reported mostly in Africa, but it has now spread to Europe, especially Belgium, where three cases have been confirmed.

The “simple” giant was abolished in the 1970s following a global vaccination campaign. “People who are vaccinated are protected from monkeys, which is less malignant than others,” says the ITM expert.

The Bavarian Nordic company has a specific vaccine. “It can be used by nursing staff or those with dangerous contact,” says Dr. Sontgens.

IMT is also accredited to perform PCR tests on skin samples. This will allow the company to quickly detect and isolate positive cases. Until now, samples have to be sent to the Netherlands for analysis.

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