OJ Simpson estate attorney reverses course on trying to prevent Ron Goldman's family from recovering

Malcolm Lavergne didn't mean what he said. Or maybe he meant it, but he has since realized that he shouldn't have said it.

Either way, the executor of OJ Simpson's estate has dropped his position that he will fight to prevent Ron Goldman's family from pursuing a massive civil judgment against Simpson for the murders of Goldman and Nicole Brown.

“I can tell you in advance,” Lavergne told Kevin Dulac, “that Fred Goldman’s claim will be accepted.” Hollywood Reporter. “And His claim will be handled in accordance with Nevada law“.

Previously, Lavergne said this: “I hope so The Goldmans get zero, nothing. To them specifically. “I will do everything I can as guardian or personal representative to try to ensure that they get nothing.”

Lavergne said his previous statements were not aimed at Fred Goldman, Ron's father, but rather the attorney representing Ron Goldman's estate.

“Within an hour of learning OJ was dead, he started talking nonsense,” Lavergne said. “My advocacy instinct… 'Oh, are you going to keep pissing on him even after he's dead?' Fine, you know? You can have anything.' “So those were my remarks then. But I backed away from that, and my statements were too harsh and now I'm going the other way.”

Lavergne now says he plans to be “very transparent” with the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. Regardless, like Lavergne Simpson for years. Fortunately, he won't get to make the final decision on whether or not Simpson's estate will reach a $33.5 million judgment and how much that judgment, with interest, has risen to more than $100 million.

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