Nvidia shares fall, Apple rises in Magnificent Seven tech change

Nvidia insiders made millions AI chip maker's huge stock rally by Stocks dumped earlier this week. It seems their timing was just right.

Nvidia stock had its worst day in 10 months on Friday, analysts and investors alike expressed Fears that the tech giant's steep rise will come to an end Sooner or later. Whether the stock will cool or collapse It is still up for debateand some prominent figures on Wall Street, including JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, I think Nvidia's stock price will continue to rise. The stock closed down 5.6% on Friday to a still-interesting price of $875.28. Shares are still up 77% year to date.



while, Apple has tried to make its way back after a series of setbacks. Apple shares rose as much as 2.8% on Friday after hitting their lowest stock price of the year just a day earlier. Amazon, Microsoft and Meta shares fell.

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