Not invited to Elizabeth II’s funeral, Russia reacts: “a blasphemous approach”

“We consider this British attempt, which has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world for geopolitical purposes, to settle scores with our country (…) deeply immoral,” the Russian foreign minister lamented in a press release. Maria Zakharova. “It is particularly insulting to the memory of Elizabeth II,” he added.

A Russian diplomatic spokesman lamented that the United Kingdom is using the Russian offensive in Ukraine as an “excuse” not to invite the Russian leader to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday, September 19.

A symbol of its pariah status in the West, Russia – along with its Belarusian ally, as well as Burma and North Korea – was not invited to the funeral of the queen, who died last Thursday at the age of 96. “Henceforth, the British elites are on the side of the Nazis,” Ms. Zakharova mentions the significant military and financial support London Q provided against Russian military intervention.

Elizabeth II’s funeral next week at Westminster Abbey is a major diplomatic event, and more than 100 crown princes, heads of state and other dignitaries are expected. Russia’s absence testifies to the increasingly strained diplomatic relations between Moscow and London over the years, from the Skripal affair in 2018 to the conflict in Ukraine.

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