Not even having a law degree, he impersonates a lawyer and wins all cases

The strangest part of the story is that the extortionist, who had no law degree or any training in the subject, managed to succeed in the 26 trials he took part in.

But how did you manage to steal someone else’s identity? Brian Muwenda allegedly altered the details of a real lawyer account to insert his own photograph on the Professional Bar Association portal. It was the real lawyer who eventually discovered and denounced the plan.

While the Professional Lawyers Association was highly critical of the hijacker, on the other hand he got a lot of support when he left the police station. “I would like to express my gratitude to the people who support me and pray for me. In time, I can clear this misunderstanding. I am innocent and can prove the true context.Brian Muwenda said.

His defense lawyer, the controversial Mike Sonko (who is accused of drug trafficking and money laundering) has already set the tone: he discussed“fools” Critics of his client and he, ““Law Abiding Citizen”no”Never killed anyone.” “He’s not a terrorist.”He finished.

It remains to be seen how the verdict will turn out in this case…

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