Norway is preparing for the biggest storm in 30 years

Norway's mid-Atlantic coast is preparing for action, as authorities warned the country could see its strongest storm in three decades, and urged people to stay home.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Norway's mid-Atlantic coast battled back Wednesday as authorities warned the country could see its strongest storm in three decades and urged people to stay home.

Hurricane-force winds are expected to hit the area, and airline companies and ferry lines have predicted disruptions. Police warned that wind gusts of between 126 and 180 kilometers per hour (78 to 112 miles per hour) were expected.

By midday on Wednesday, there were scattered reports of the suspension of ferry services linking the Norwegian islands, and the closure of schools, roads, tunnels and bridges throughout the mountainous country.

The storm, dubbed “Injun” by Norwegian meteorologists, is expected to make landfall in central Norway around midday on Wednesday before moving north on Thursday.

The authorities issued a red warning, the highest level, for the area surrounding the city of Trondheim, where strong winds are expected to blow on Wednesday. Another red warning has also been issued for the Lofoten Islands further north along the Arctic coast.

“Red warnings are rare and should be taken very seriously,” said Nils Karbo from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

“It is important to secure loose items and assess whether work being done outdoors can be changed or postponed,” said Gunn Robstad Andersen from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. She added that employers should encourage people to work from home and avoid unnecessary travel.

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Norwegian news agency NTB wrote that Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture intends to return to Oslo on Wednesday.

No flights had been canceled as of Wednesday morning, but a spokeswoman for local airline Widro said, “They are taking it airport to airport as we go along,” NTB wrote.

Police asked people to avoid going out if possible, and to watch for flying objects when doing so.

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