No, Hamas is not the Islamic State: ABC of Islamist groups at the center of the news

From October 7, “in token ofSolidarity with Hamas“, Hezbollah Bombing Israeli positions daily On the border between Lebanon and the Jewish state. He is an ally of Hamas, a protégé of Iran, arming and financing it.

Hezbollah was born.”A Ramifications of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”, explains Elena Aoun. In 1977, Israel occupied southern Lebanon and created a buffer zone to protect itself from attacks by Yasser Arabat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), headquartered in Beirut. In 1982, the Israeli military carried out the operation “Peace in Galilee“: It invades Lebanon again, but this time, it pushes all the way to Beirut. A group of Shiites who oppose this invasion take up arms to fight Israel. They will be financed and trained by Iran. Hezbollah, in fact “A part of God”born

In his 1985 election manifesto,[il] It pledges to expel Western powers from Lebanon, calls for the destruction of the Israeli state and pledges allegiance to Iran’s supreme leader. He supports an Islamic regime inspired by Iran, while insisting that the people of Lebanon should have the freedom of self-determination.That sums it up Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

He It pledges to expel Western powers from Lebanon, calls for the destruction of the Israeli state and pledges allegiance to Iran’s supreme leader.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Then Lebanon is in full swing Civil war. “The formation of Hezbollah is similar Awareness of Shiite political activism Lebanon aims to gain a place in the state to stop being left behind”, says Elena Aoun.

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Hizbullah and A left, now participating in Lebanese political life, participating in elections and power. It has established its popularity through many Social services (Schools, Hospitals etc.). However, he continues to be accused of paralyzing Lebanon Instability. Lately, he has come under a lot of criticism for his business management.

her Weapon component Still powerful though. It is recognized as a terrorist organization by the European Union (the US considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization overall). In particular, he has carried out numerous suicide attacks.

Conflicts with Israel are regular and bloody. Israel eventually withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000. This did not prevent other clashes between these two actors (like in 2006). Hezbollah also fought with the army Bashar al-Assad during the war in Syria.

As Didier Leroy (ERM/ULB) pointed out in the Déclic sur La Première project, the militia today has a much larger arsenal and tens of thousands of fighters than Hamas.

Hezbollah and Iran allegedly helped prepare the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023. The question now is how far it will go in favor of it beyond the current blasts.

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