No, Gmail is not “Sunset”

A fake email being posted on Twitter/X claims that Google is “killing” Gmail in 2024, but that's a blatant hoax.

Internet users have begun posting an image of an email falsely claiming that Gmail will be shut down on August 1, 2024. Many examples of the image posted are blatant satire, but others miss the joke and believe the fake “ad” for Gmail. demise. That quickly led to “Gmail” trending on Twitter/X on Thursday afternoon with a mixture of humour, confusion and angry correction.

To be clear, Gmail won't turn off.

Gmail's official Twitter/X account indirectly acknowledged the hoax, asserting that “Gmail is here to stay.”

The fact that makes this hoax easy to believe is that Google announced last year that Gmail's classic “HTML view” would be gone in 2024. This streamlined experience was pretty outdated in terms of features, but it served as a good backup. An option for those who just need a simple view of their inbox.

Beyond this simple change, Gmail will continue to work as expected for years to come. In fact, Google continues to add new experiences and improvements to Gmail, such as the recent launch of Gemini for Gmail.

What's even more worrying is that people might think Google might shut down Gmail at all. The company has developed a reputation for shutting down poorly used or poorly performing apps and services over the years, but Gmail is one of Google's mainstays. Effectively, every existing Google account is linked to a Gmail account. Google won't (and probably won't). I cannot) Quit Gmail anytime soon, no matter what random people on the Internet want you to believe.

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This article has been updated to include a tweet from Google.

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