Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser says he's “not involved” in the new Flash Switch bandwagon

Image: Nintendo

A new flash cart marketed as the “one-stop backup and development device” for all Switch consoles has recently been teased, and in a surprising twist, it has now led to Nintendo's infamous hacker Gary Bowser denied his involvement in the project.

The former Team-Xecuter member, who was previously imprisoned and fined $10 million in compensation, dismissed the matters The latest allegations are doing the rounds onlineClaiming that he is “not involved” in this new device known as the “MIG Switch”.

References to Bowser were supposedly detected in the DNS records for “”, The same outlet that originally broke the news About the new Flash cart for Switch. Comparisons have also been made of how Team-Xecuter products have been used for promotion on websites such as MaxConsoles.

In a separate post on Discord, Bowser also claimed that he was the victim of a “DNS poisoning attack” and that he was threatened by a “bad actor” demanding a financial ransom.

“I had a DNS poisoning attack on my name servers, I repaired the damage and changed all my passwords, but unfortunately people will talk, not what I needed right before Christmas… I will not deal with trolls”

On the MIG Switch website, it was mentioned how it is the only device for the Switch that can provide backup and development for all consoles, regardless of version, firmware or type. A lot of comparisons have already been made to the R4 cartridge, which dates back to the Nintendo DS era. The first batch of MIG Switch carts should ship sometime this month.

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