NFT plans lead to F2P card game on Steam getting bombarded review


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brawl story It is a popular free-to-play card game on Steam. It has a fairly large and active player base who enjoys the game a lot. And now almost all of them are looking angry and checking out the game’s Steam page after the developers brawl story Announcing integration plans NFTs and blockchain technology in it.

On March 22, Good Luck Games, the company behind Storybook Brawl, Announced that FTX US had acquired the studio. For those who are not aware, FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that started in 2019 in the Bahamas and has since expanded worldwide. It is also recently investing heavily in creating a gaming division, FTX Gaming launched last year because “He sees gaming as an interesting use case for cryptocurrency.”

In a Good Luck Games announcement, the company shared vague plans about integrating NFT and blockchain technology brawl story. According to the studio, it also promises to make sure the integration is “ethical” and makes the game “better for players” while making sure that “fun comes first.” (Huh, qUnlimited promises and plans are always part of these NFT/blockchain announcements. a stranger!)

Image showing the FTX and game logos.

screenshot: Good Luck Games / FTX

If you are interested in NFT news on Kotaku and other locations over the past 12 months or so you can guess what happened next. (I mean, the title tells us that too…)

Players responded to the news with almost universal negative. aver on the game’s Steam pageYou can see a huge increase in the recent negative reviews. The game now has a “Very Negative” review status as a result.

As I spotted it EurogamerOne of the developers mentioned on the game’s Discord server is said to have been looking into non-cosmetic options for NFTs as well. This further angered the community.

Kotaku I contacted Good Luck Games about their NFT plans.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this song and dance. Over the past year or so We’ve seen multiple examples of game companies announcing NFT plans WhatThe chicken immediately received a backlash from the players And the Other game developers.

The technology is considered by many to be a giant scam, filled with scam candidates and artists looking to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts.. There are also problems with how to blockchaIn technology, it could lead to more e-waste as well as speed up global warming, waste electricity and make it harder for people to find and buy certain computer parts, such as graphics processing units.

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