NFL Thanksgiving grades: Vikings, Kirk’s Cousins ​​get a prime-time “A-“; The Cowboys and Bills are making a comeback

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The NFL certainly had a solid Thanksgiving roster in store this season, making annual holiday games even better than most years. Five of the six teams have had winning records heading into the Thanksgiving Day games, achieving league-highs in 2011 and 2014 (the NFL began holding three Thanksgiving games in 2006).

The combined record for the six teams that played this Thanksgiving is 39-21, and the . 650 winning percentage between the two teams is the second-highest since the Thanksgiving schedule went three games. The highest winning percentage was . 682 in 2011.

Fans got excited at the first game of the day, like Josh Allen and Buffalo bills repulsed the Detroit Lions with a last-second field goal in a back-and-forth affair that was a Thanksgiving classic. in the second game, Dallas Cowboys Came back from the first half deficit to sweep New York Giants Behind the big matches from CeeDee Lamb and Ezekiel Elliott. And in the evening, Kirk Cousins ​​played well in the prime-time lights — as did Justin Jefferson — as the Vikings beat the Patriots to go 9-2. Here are our scores for each team that played on Thanksgiving:

Buffalo 28-25 over Detroit

Bills-Lions Scores by Jeff Kerr (Love scores? Hate scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

Dallas 28-20 over the New York Giants

Degrees of Giants-Cowboys by Brian D’Ardo (Love Degrees? Hate Degrees? Let him know on Twitter.)

Minnesota 33-26 over New England

Patriots-Vikings Scores by Tyler Sullivan (Love scores? Hate scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

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