New MacBooks powered by the M2 may be conspicuously absent at today’s Apple event

The last minute rumors that led to the emergence of ApplePeek performanceThe event cast doubt on long-standing expectations that Apple will unveil a new MacBook model or an updated M2 chip on Tuesday.

Last month , BloombergMark Gorman mentioned That Apple was preparing to launch at least one new Mac at its March 8 event, Gorman speculated that it might be a high-end Mac mini and/or an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro.

That was before we heard about the “Mac Studio” rumors that have surfaced over the past few days only. 9to5Mac on Friday mentioned That Apple is working on the “Mac Studio” seems to be a cross between the Mac Pro and the Mac mini.

Fast forward to Monday, and YouTuber Luke Miani joint rendering A new Mac allegedly called “Mac Studio,” which he said will be introduced on March 8. confirmed The “Mac Studio” machine that is “smaller than the more powerful” Mac Pro”/”Mac mini” is “ready to go” and could be launched in the spring event.

With the redesigned MacBook Air Unexpected until later in the yearThat leaves the 13-inch MacBook Pro updated with a new M2 chip and also reveals other obvious capabilities during Apple’s event. However, Miani said he doesn’t expect any Mac notebooks whatsoever to be presented at Tuesday’s event, and Gurman has since pouring cold water About the prospect of announcing a Mac running the M2 alongside the M1 “Mac Studio” series, suggesting it would be an “exotic” thing for Apple.

While the M2 Apple silicon chip tips observer By a developer in the latest macOS Monterey 12.3 beta, confirming that it has an eight-core CPU and an upgraded 10-core GPU, that doesn’t necessarily mean a MacBook running the M2 is coming in the spring. As such, it might be wise to temper expectations that a new Mac notebook is about to be announced by Apple in the coming hours.

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As for the other products that may appear at the event, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 13 color, the next generation iPhone SE, and a refurbished iPad Air. It is also said that Apple will unveil a new standalone display that can be called “studio view.

There may also be some news about Apple services, as well as public release dates for iOS and iPadOS 15.4, along with macOS Monterey 12.3, which enables Universal Control.

The event’s tagline, “Performance Peek,” also prompted suggestions that Apple might offer a sneak peek at a future product, but that’s still just a guess.

MacRumors will have in-depth coverage of the Apple event, which kicks off at 10:00AM PST, including a live blog on our website and tweets via MacRumorsLive on Twitter. For a full summary of everything we can expect to see, check it out Check out our guide.

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