New evidence implicates Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

In a river trial published on Monday, French daily Libération shares three major testimonies from the former star anchor.

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V.SIt is a constantly growing business. While several allegations have been collected and an investigation is already underway against the PPDA, two fresh complaints were filed against the former host this September.

They are related to rape and sexual assault. Another rape allegation was reported to the public prosecutor “in charge of the second preliminary investigation on the file.” liberation He collected the testimonies of the three women involved.

These were writers, or at the time, the privileged targets of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, who had long been highly influential in the publishing world. In all three cases, these legal actions could not be prosecuted due to statute of limitations.

The French newspaper underlined the “question of complacency” posed by the victims. For good reason, PPDA’s behavior is well known to his professional entourage.

One of them, writer and journalist Benedict Martin, filed a complaint in Paris on September 12. He denounces the November 2003 incident in the office of JD’s former host. She explains her approach by wanting to serve the cause of other women, but “for stability”. According to the release, when he declared his occupation during the facts, the “seriousness of the action” was “outed”. According to her, this lack of reaction suggests that it is an “initiation gesture”, like “a baptism or a dubbing”.

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