NATO prepares most detailed military plans since Cold War: “A conflict could arise at any time”

It has been decades since NATO established any major military programs, as no country has represented the threat of international conflict since the Cold War. But that is about to change, according to Reuters. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is still ongoing, the organization has declared that it is necessary to prepare a military response before an international conflict erupts. This is in anticipation of the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania in July. “We have to be ready for a conflict at any moment.”said Admiral Rob Bauer, one of NATO’s top military officials.

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During the meeting, leaders of the alliance will receive hundreds of pages of documents detailing secret military plans in the event of an attack from Russia. These secret files specifically indicate which areas were protected by which troops during the Cold War. “Partners will know exactly what forces and capabilities are needed, including where, what and how to deploy them”NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg explained.

According to historian Ian Hope in The Shape of NATO, this does not mean that NATO wants to deploy more troops in the East. “If the Russians build up troops on the border, it will make us nervous, and if we build up troops on the border, it will make them nervous.”, he told Reuters briefly. Especially since it is now much easier to follow the evolution of what is happening on the battlefield, Ian Hope added: “With all the satellites and all the intelligence, you can see a crisis brewing.”

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