Mr. Beast uploads his first live video on Elon Musk's X platform

YouTube user Mr. Beast has uploaded its first full video directly to Elon Musk's X platform. The download is titled “One Car for $100,000,000” and is a great experiment to test the potential of X’s ad revenue.

The 16-minute and 28-second video showcases many popular cars at different prices. In the video, Mr. Best rides in several vehicles, including a Tesla Model He also sits behind the wheel of a car that turns into a boat and Steve McQueen's Jaguar.

According to Mr. Best, he uploaded the video to Elon Musk's platform to measure X's ad revenue. X features a unique creator monetization program, aimed at offering a higher revenue split with creators compared to YouTube's standard 60/40 model. The potential high payout may have tempted Mr. Beast to test the waters and compare the monetization potential of X to the YouTube-based ad network.

“I'm curious to see how much ad revenue a video on

MrBeast's X video upload comes at a pivotal time for both platforms. X is seeking to establish itself as a strong competitor to social media giants like YouTube. This is a high-profile upload from a widely known influencer like Mr. Beast is a huge vote of confidence, and will likely attract creators and viewers to X.

Meanwhile, YouTube faces increasing pressure to retain top talent and improve monetization policies for creators. Mr. Best's experience could be a real test, highlighting the potential advantages and attracting other creatives to explore alternative platforms.

Only time will tell if Mr. Beast's X's debut signals a permanent shift or just an experiment. However, the implications of this bold move are undeniable. It highlights the evolving landscape of online content creation and monetization, as established platforms like YouTube face increasing competition from emerging players like X.

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As for viewers, one thing is for sure: MrBeast's bold antics and innovative approach to online content promise to keep audiences engaged, regardless of platform.

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