Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Pack replaces Johnny Cage Kameo, release date windows for DLC characters revealed

Mortal Kombat and Invincible fans got their first look at Omni-Man in a new trailer, but that’s not all we learned today.

NetherRealm Studios also revealed some new information regarding Mortal Kombat 1’s first Kombat Pack, including that Johnny Cage is no longer in it.

Along with the trailer, NRS issued a more detailed press release that includes some release window information such as Tremor unsurprisingly coming with Omni-Man in November.

However, that wasn’t the most interesting thing, as Johnny Cage’s place in the Kameo DLC has now been given to Janet Cage.

Furthermore, they also gave out the general release windows for the DLC fighters in KP1 with both Quan Chi and Peacemaker listed as Winter 2023/2024Ermak and Homlander L Spring 2024 And Takeda Takahashi all the way Summer 2024 -And although some of them are listed in the same time frame, they will likely not be released at the same time.

So what’s up with Janet Cage? Some Mortal Kombat 1 Story Mode events to follow.

Janet Cage appears in the final chapter of the MK1 cinematic story as a parallel time fighter that the player encounters.

As far as we can tell from her brief inclusion, she appears to be basically just a gender-swapped version of Johnny although NRS may be giving her more light now that she’s in the game as an assistant.

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This isn’t the first time NRS has seemingly changed its DLC plans after initial announcements deemed Mortal Kombat 11 featured Evil Dead’s Ash Williams seemingly confirmed for the game before he was replaced by Batman’s Joker. .

It is unknown if this was a decision made after the fact or perhaps the developers always planned for Janet, but they did not want to spoil any developments in the story before release.

Either way, we don’t have a release window yet for Janet or the other Kameo fighters coming after Tremor with Ferra, Kameleon, and Mavado although they will likely drop with the main DLC fighters as well.

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