Missing American child’s body found in crocodile’s mouth | Various facts

The search for a missing American child ends in tragedy. Police officers found the body of 2-year-old Taylon Mosley in the mouth of an alligator.

On Thursday afternoon, 20-year-old mother Bashoon Jeffrey was found murdered in her apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida. For his part, his son Taylan was nowhere to be seen and was reported missing by the local police.

The child’s father immediately emerged as one of the prime suspects. Thomas Moseley, 21, was taken to hospital for treatment of deep cuts to his arms and hands, but he refused to explain what happened.

On Friday evening, police conducted a raid near Lake Maggiore, several kilometers from the apartment complex. “Officers suddenly noticed an alligator with an object in its mouth,” Chief Constable Anthony Holloway told a news conference.

Law enforcement officials soon realized it was a missing child. A police officer fired in the reptile’s direction, which allowed the animal to release its grip. Taylor’s body was intact. “We would have liked a better outcome, but at least the family no longer have to live in uncertainty,” Mr Holloway said. The crocodile was later euthanized.


The mother of the family was found alive outside the door of her apartment last Wednesday. Around 8:30 p.m., neighbors heard strange noises in the apartment, but no one called the police at that time.

On Thursday, Basun Jeffrey’s mother was very worried. Unable to reach her daughter in any way, she asked the owner if she could visit the apartment. It was he who made this gruesome discovery. Shortly after, an alert was put out in the state of Florida to find the missing boy.

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The mother was killed by multiple stab wounds. Investigators believe Thomas Mosley also killed his son. He has been charged with premeditated double murder.

A crocodile may also have a role in this death. An autopsy should provide a definitive answer on this matter.

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