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Miriam Margolyes writes in her new memoir: “Oh Miriam! Stories from an Extraordinary Life,” that Steve Martin was “terrible” to her on the set of Frank Oz’s 1986 musical “Little Shop of Horrors” (via HuffPo UK). Martin played sadistic dentist Orrin Scrivello, while Margolis, who is best known these days for playing Professor Sprott in the “Harry Potter” film series, starred as his character’s assistant. They shared a musical titled “Dentist!”, in which his character slams a door in her face. And it looks like he did it for real.

“During my only musical song (‘Dentist!’) I was getting hit on all day by doors being opened in my face; “They were repeatedly beaten, slapped, and knocked down by the unlikable and unapologetic Steve Martin,” Margolis wrote. “Maybe it was the acting style – and [I] I came home angry with a severe headache.

While Margolis calls Martin “an undeniable genius,” she adds, “But he is terrible to me… and it should not be said that I have never suffered in the name of art.”

diverse I have reached out to Martin’s rep for comment.

Conversely, Buscemi was a great actor to work with in 1993’s Ed And His Dead Mother.

“Steve Buscemi is a wonderful actor and we had a delightful relationship,” Margulies writes. “For someone who was terrorized by a living, murderous corpse, he was very nice – he brought down Steve Martin.”

Margolyes has been vocal in the past about working with rude actors. During an interview on “I’ve Got News for You” podcast. Last year, she said she didn’t like working with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the 1999 supernatural action film “End of Days.” Schwarzenegger allegedly farted on Margulies’ face between takes. Margulies said Schwarzenegger did it “on purpose” and she has yet to forgive him.

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“He’s a little full of himself and I don’t care about him at all. He’s a Republican, which I don’t like,” Margolis said of Schwarzenegger. “He was actually very rude. He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course, but I don’t fart in people’s faces. “He did it on purpose, right in my face.”

Schwarzenegger never commented on this claim.

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