Microsoft Teams is finally moving to a single app for personal and business use

Microsoft is finally creating a single version of Microsoft Teams that will allow you to switch between personal and work accounts with ease. The new unified app is currently in testing and will allow Microsoft Teams users to switch between multi-tenant and personal or work account types.

This new version of Teams will be rolled out to business users in April It will include an account switcher that can be accessed from the profile section. “We received consistent feedback from personal and work users: You prefer a single Teams app that lets you easily access and switch between personal and work accounts,” Microsoft says. In a blog post. “This update lets you use one app for all types of Teams accounts.”

Easily switch between accounts in the new Microsoft Teams app.
Image: Microsoft

In future updates, you'll also be able to select the account you want to use when joining a meeting link or even joining a meeting without signing in. This unified app will also allow you to run personal and work accounts for Teams with separate icons on the taskbar instead of having to install and launch separate apps.

Notifications are also improved in this updated Teams app, so you can see which team a notification came from. “In addition, personalized notifications contain more detail, providing clear and easy actions from the notification bar,” Microsoft says.

Improved Microsoft Teams notifications.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has long had a somewhat confusing experience for Teams users who use personal and work accounts. Windows 11 has Teams integrated directly into the taskbar, but this chat experience only works with personal accounts. Microsoft has moved away from this direct integration in recent Windows 11 updates, but you still need to download and install two separate Teams apps to access personal and business meetings. This means installing Microsoft Teams (free) and Microsoft Teams (work or school), and it's easy to launch the wrong program.

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Microsoft is now planning to remove the (free) Microsoft Teams app in the future and shift everyone to this single app which will just be Microsoft Teams. This new Teams experience will be part of the upcoming Windows 11 update, version 24H2, which will be available later this year.

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