Mercedes-Benz adds ChatGPT to cars for AI voice commands

German automaker Mercedes-Benz announced Thursday that it will add OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to its cars via a pilot program for the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) feature in its cars, enabling AI-powered voice commands and additional functionality.

The beta will start on Friday, June 16th and will last for three months. Drivers looking to join the beta simply need to ask their car about it to get started. The initiative will be limited to the US market.

Mercedes-Benz said the popular chatbot is coming to its cars via Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Launched by the tech giant in March. while was added chat It is the new, MBUX voice assistant and “Hey Mercedes” feature launched in 2018 on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

“AI voice commands through the car,” said a Mercedes-Benz sales representative in Carlsbad, California. Decode“So you’ll talk to the car directly.”

“The voice assistant allows drivers to change the temperature in the car, play music or adjust navigation,” said the salesperson, adding that the commands only work inside the car.

Mercedes Benz app showing ChatGPT functionality. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

While the current version of the “Hey Mercedes” feature can answer questions, the upgrade to ChatGPT’s large language model aims to make responses more intuitive. However, widespread concern about the safety and effectiveness of AI tools may cause anxiety among some Benz owners.

For Mercedes-Benz drivers who don’t feel comfortable with ChatGPT in their cars, the company said data protection is a top priority. The company added that ChatGPT will run inside a “controlled cloud,” where the automaker monitors potential risks and ways to improve the system.

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“ChatGPT’s integration with Microsoft in a controlled cloud environment is a significant milestone on our way to make our cars the center of our customers’ digital lives,” said Marcus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer, Mercedes-Benz Group, in a statement. One big goal: to redefine the relationship with your Mercedes.”

No stranger to testing the technology in its cars, Mercedes-Benz partnered with a UK-based blockchain startup in early 2020 to reduce CO2 emissions in its supply chain.

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