Meghan and Harry’s coronation chaos angers organisers

UPDATE, 4/12/23, 10:20 a.m. ET: The palace issued a statement regarding Harry’s decision hours after this article was published. Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on May 6. The Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Less than four weeks after his father’s coronation, Prince Harry has yet to publicly confirm whether he will attend, and that has left organizers of the high-profile event “angry” and frustrated, according to a new report.

Although, as The Daily Beast reported, palace insiders are highly skeptical Harry and Meghan will appear on the day, a source in their camp told The Daily Beast. The Daily Mirror that “no decision has been made” by the couple, despite an April 3 RSVP date.

The couple was reported last week to be on the verge of making a decision but it has yet to be confirmed, although they were reported to be in “email correspondence” with the palace, Mirror He says.

source said the Mirror: “They (Harry and Meghan) still haven’t confirmed either way. Of course they will be given extra time but in all honesty, everyone is pissed off with them.”

Palace sources said Mirror They will continue to make plans assuming Sussex will attend “unless otherwise advised”.

One source said to Mirror: “To be honest, it’s all a hot mess. There is a plan, it’s supposed to be a blueprint for how the day works, but things change every day which gives me quite a headache.”

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At the same time Robert Jobson, author of a new book on Charles entitled ourto TalkTV: “They got their RSVP, they missed their deadline. It’s getting a little rude now to say the least. You’re either going to support your dad in his moment of fate or you’re not. But don’t keep everyone guessing because that then leads to tabloid speculation.” The whole thing, which basically says it’s all about them, and frankly it’s not about them, it’s not really like that.”

Evidence is mounting that enthusiasm for the coronation is failing to excite the British masses, amid suspicions that the palace has pressed the path of the coronation procession to avoid the scanty crowds. The route will be 1.3 miles, a quarter of the distance traveled by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

One sign of the trouble that lies ahead could be a column by writer Alison Pearson, who wrote in the usually very loyal. The Daily Telegraph: “As a royal I really want to get excited about the coronation, but it proves a struggle… You wonder if the Palace is worried about a drop in turnout. Certainly a number of the devout Elizabethans I know, who always stood along the Mall waving With Union flags for big occasions, they suffer the first stirrings of anti-royal sentiment as our new King turns away from his mother who, by unimpeachable discretion, has managed to be a symbol of unity and stability for 70 years.”

newly YouGov poll For the anti-monarchy lobby group, Republic found that with King Charles’s coronation approaching, only 15 percent of respondents said they were “very interested” in the coronation.

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