Matt LaFleur: Directing Quay Walker is the kind of thing I don’t tolerate

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Rookie Packers Kwai Walker He was sent off Sunday night for pushing the Bills coaching staff tightly on Zach Davidson on the sidelines, and after the game, Packers coach Matt LaFleur called it unacceptable.

Davidson, who was not in uniform, grabbed Walker when Walker was on the sidelines of Bill’s Bill, Walker responded with a payment that officials immediately filed, and then the New York Authorization Office requested an expulsion. LaFleur said Walker needed to know better.

“I told him on the field, ‘He’s always the second man, and you have to keep your poise,'” LaFleur said. I hope it will be a reminder to everyone on our soccer team. This is the kind of thing I don’t tolerate. Mistakes will happen, but losing your composure, losing your poise, putting your team in danger, I have no tolerance for that.”

The Packers’ already faltering defense missed Walker for the rest of the 27-17 loss.

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