Mark Meester kicked out of KTLA after reaction to Lynette Romero’s departure

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Mester was previously suspended after he criticized on air how the station went to his co-anchor Lynette Romeroprecipitate departure. KTLA announced last week that Romero had left without a farewell message to viewers, which drew criticism on social media.

according to Los Angeles Times, KTLA General Manager Janine Davis announced Meester’s dismissal during a meeting in the newsroom. Mester is also no longer listed as a broadcaster on the KTLA website.

KTLA news director Pete Sayers said in a statement to diverse: “After 24 years, Lynette Romero decided to move on from our weekend morning newscast. We really wanted her to stay and KTLA management worked hard to make it happen. Lynette decided to leave for another chance. We were hoping she would record a farewell message for viewers but she refused. Lynette is a wonderful member of the KTLA family and wishes her and her family all the best.”

Meester and Romero co-hosted the popular station morning show over the weekend. On Saturday, Meester gave an off-script speech regarding Romero’s departure, apologizing to viewers on KTLA’s behalf and saying in part, “That’s not how you treat someone who has provided lifelong service to this station.”

Romero spoke of her departure via Twitter on September 14, writing, “I will always be grateful for the love and affection my LA viewers have given me. Stay tuned my friends and I’ll be right back.”

Meester did not respond immediately diverseComment request.

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