March 13 War in Ukraine: Fierce fight for control of Bagmouth, talks over grain deal

Fierce fighting broke out on Monday between Russians and Ukrainians for control of the center of Baghmut, a city in eastern Ukraine, the scene of the longest and bloodiest war since the start of the Russian invasion.

General Chirsky assured that Ukrainian soldiers “inflicted significant losses on the enemy” in these clashes. Mr. Prigozhin acknowledged that Wagner, who had already succeeded in cutting off several important supply lines for Ukrainian soldiers stationed there, faced stiff resistance.

The Russian military continues its attacks in parallel in other regions.

On the diplomatic front, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov in the Kremlin on Monday, while new Czech President Petr Pavel and Slovak President Suzana Kaputova reaffirmed their support for Ukraine at a joint press conference in Bratislava.

On the same day, Russia offered to extend a deal on Ukrainian grain exports that was set to expire on March 18 by just 60 days, an offer Kiev criticized as calling the initial deal into question.

For its part, the International Criminal Court (ICC) wants to prosecute the Russians for war crimes in Ukraine, the New York Times wrote on Monday, citing the first two cases: children transferred to Russia and deliberate strikes on civilian infrastructure.

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