Mads Mikkelsen responds to reporter confronting ‘Promised Land’ star and director Nikolaj Arcel with ‘lack of diversity’ questions

Mads Mikkelsen W Promised Land Director Nikolay Arcel confronted a reporter about the “lack of diversity” on screen and how that might affect their prospects for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.

During a question-and-answer session at the Venice Film Festival, a reporter brought up the topic of films that need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered for the top prize tonight at the Oscars.

“This is an all-Nordic Danish cast and production, and therefore lacks some variety, as you can tell,” the reporter asked. “There are also new implicit rules in Hollywood…”

Mikkelsen interrupted. “What are you doing? From the first go?”

The new inclusion standards are set to take effect from the upcoming 96th Academy Awards in 2024. The initiative centers around on-screen representation as well as creative leadership. Two of the four criteria must be met for a film to be considered a Best Picture category.

Right from the start. There are some rules of diversity across the Atlantic for the Best Picture competition [category]Equivalent to this competition. “As I see it, you are not living up to those standards with this actor,” the reporter continued. “I’m just curious: not for technical reasons, but rather for lack of versatility, this can’t compete in that competition. Are you worried about that?”

Mikkelsen replied to the reporter, “Are you? I’m serious and honest, because you’re putting us in an awkward position, so answer the question.”

The director interjected and pointed out that the film had a character of colour, adding, “Well, first of all, the film is set in Denmark in the 1750s. We have a big story about a colored girl who is subjected to racism, which is very rare, any person of color in Denmark…Almost no one.It was probably at that time the only one in the whole country of Denmark.

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“I think it would be a little strange,” he added. “It’s just historical, as it was in the 1750s.”

Promised Land It can still qualify for the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards by meeting two of the other three criteria. If the team behind the film includes people from underrepresented groups in leadership positions, they will meet Criterion B. Criterion C focuses on industry outreach and opportunities and Criterion D on audience development that can be achieved if the studio and/or film company has several areas – Senior executives from underrepresented groups.

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