Luis Rubiales: Spanish soccer player Jennifer Hermoso has filed a formal complaint regarding an unwanted kiss

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Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales and Spanish star Jennifer Hermoso.


Spanish star Jennifer Hermoso filed an official complaint with the Public Prosecution against the country’s president soccer the Union, Luis Rubialesdue to an unwanted kiss after the Women’s World Cup final.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Attorney General’s Office told CNN that the complaint was filed on Tuesday. “The statement was made at the state’s attorney’s office to protect the victim’s privacy,” the spokesperson said.

Spanish prosecutors opened an investigation into Rubiales on August 28, saying they would contact her within two weeks “to inform her of her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault crime.”

Hermoso’s legal complaint is the next step required for the Spanish judicial system to move forward with a case against Rubiales, who has refused to resign as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Rubiales apologized and described the kiss after Spain’s World Cup final victory on 20 August as “mutual” – an allegation Hermoso denied, saying it was disrespectful. FIFA suspended Rubiales for 90 days while disciplinary procedures are still ongoing.

The incident led to a major change in Spanish football, as the government pressured Rubiales to resign and dismiss the Spanish Football Federation. Jorge Velda in his role As coach of the women’s national team. He was replaced by Montse Tomé, the first woman in the history of the Spanish national team to hold this position.

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