Lord Cameron urges the US Congress to support the financing package for Ukraine

  • Written by James Landale and Becky Morton
  • BBC News

Lord Cameron has urged the US Congress to back a new package of military support for Ukraine.

The Senate on Tuesday approved a bill promising Ukraine nearly $60bn (£50bn) in military aid.

But Republican leaders are threatening to block it in the House.

Lord Cameron's comments amount to strong interference in US domestic politics by the foreign minister of an allied country.

He urged Congress to support the financing package, and said he would “abandon all diplomatic niceties.”

“I believe our shared history shows the folly of surrendering to tyrants in Europe who believe in redrawing borders by force,” he wrote.

“I don't want us to show the weakness that Hitler showed in the 1930s. He came back for more, and it cost us more lives to stop his aggression.

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“I don’t want us to show the weakness shown against Putin in 2008, when he invaded Georgia, or the uncertainty about the response in 2014, when he seized Crimea and much of Donbas — before coming back to cost us much more with his aggression in 2022.” “

During a visit to Poland, the Foreign Minister said that he “in no way wants to lecture American friends, or tell American friends what to do.”

But he added: “We must not let Putin think he can wait or delay us, which is why this vote in Congress is so important.”

Lord Cameron's intervention sparked criticism from some republicans.

“David Cameron has to worry about his country and, frankly, he can kiss my ass,” Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican House representative and Trump supporter, told Sky News.

Matt Rosendale, another member of the House of Representatives, told BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight programme: “He should be focusing on his own government and not the US government.”

“The influence now from someone else trying to make recommendations to the US House of Representatives will be minimal at best,” he said, adding: “I am accountable to the people of Montana, not to England.”

Lord Cameron is visiting Bulgaria and Poland ahead of the Munich Security Conference, where he is expected to urge his counterparts to boost Ukraine's defense production.

The Senate approved the aid package, which includes funding for Ukraine, Taiwan, the war waged by Israel against Hamas, and humanitarian aid in conflict zones, including Gaza, after months of political debate.

The Democratic-controlled Senate approved it by a vote of 70 to 29, although a small group of Republicans voted against it. However, he faces an uphill battle in the House of Representatives.

The bipartisan support came despite former President Donald Trump's criticism of the bill for its lack of funding to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

Conservative Republicans object to sending billions abroad without first addressing the migrant crisis at the southern border of the United States, and have demanded that any foreign aid be linked to more security measures at the border.

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