LoL developers are giving power to players by making a crucial decision on the new support tank item

published: 2023-10-03T03:04:51

Updated: 2023-10-03T03:05:04

The League of Legends developers have given players power by making a crucial decision on the naming of the new support tank item that will be introduced soon.

With patch 13.19 now live in League of Legends, the developers have been testing the waters with big changes to several champions, items, and systems before we reach preseason. This includes a rework of the problematic hero K’sante and the removal of the legendary item class.

The removal of legendary items in League of Legends will prove to be a major change in how players build multiple champions.

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Along with removing Legendary items, Riot appears to be introducing a new support item for Season 14. However, this item is a little different than usual, with the developers asking players for feedback on what the item should be called.

Riot Games

One possible theme for the new item could be the cute Bandle City theme.

LoL developers are letting players choose the theme of the new support item

in Another blog post It was shared by the developers, who revealed that they are now giving players a choice of the theme of the item that will be released in January 2024.

The item, currently called “Go Fast With Friends,” is a “supportive tank item for heroes like Leona, Nautilus, Alistar, or any melee support looking for extra movement speed and survivability.”

However, the current naming convention doesn’t quite satisfy Riot, so they’ve asked players for help. Players will be given a choice of 3 different themes and will be able to vote on them in the client.

From the ill-fated Eerie Invitation picks to the Shuriman Trailblazer, to the sweet Scout’s Fanfare, the future of this League of Legends item is up to players to decide.

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