LIVE – War in Ukraine: Zelensky condemns “shameful indifference” over Khakovka dam tragedy

The war between Ukraine and Russia reached its 472nd day on Saturday. According to the British Ministry of Defence, several Ukrainian operations have taken place in the past 48 hours as part of a counter-offensive.

Some of these attacks broke through the first line of Russian defense, while others were slow. Russia manages successful defense operations in some places. Elsewhere, British intelligence speaks of “Withdrawal in a specific disorder“stimulation”Russian losses“WHO”Retreating to their own landmines“.

After the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage at the end of September 2022, Belgian military intelligence received information about it from Americans in the CIA. He writes that these highlight Ukraine’s alleged role in sabotage From Saturday Tijd Based on well-known sources.

This explains why Western intelligence services, including Belgium, have known for months that Ukraine may have been involved in one of the most brutal and dangerous attacks on European energy infrastructure. This may have strained the alliance with Ukraine.

Follow the events of this 472nd day of war in Ukraine in our live stream below:

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