LIVE – War in Ukraine: Wall Street Journal journalist accused of espionage formally arrested in Moscow

On this 400th day of war in Ukraine, the FSB (Russia’s Main Security Service) announced the arrest of a journalist. Wall Street Journal on espionage charges. Ivan Gershkovich “said the security service.Collected classified information on the activities of one of the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex“.

Russian news agency TASS reported that the Lefortovo court in Moscow officially arrested and detained journalist Ivan Kershkovich, according to law enforcement officials. He will be remanded in custody until May 29 in any case, the court’s news services said.

The Wall Street Journal has strongly denied the FSB allegations and called for the immediate release of its reporter. The Kremlin warned Washington on Thursday against any retaliation targeting Russian media working in the United States.

On a visit to Germany on Thursday, King Charles III told the Bundestag about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.threatens the security of Europe“. King Charles III warned on Thursday that “threat“Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens Europe’s security and”Our democratic values“, in a landmark speech to members of the German parliament.

In addition, Russian media indicate that authorities are preparing to launch a broad military recruitment campaign with the aim of recruiting 400,000 additional soldiers.

Russia presents the move as a campaign to recruit volunteer and professional personnel rather than a new forced mobilization, in practice, iThis difference would disappear and regional authorities would try to meet the recruitment targets set for them by conscription.

Page of the ongoing fights In the eastern Ukrainian city of Pakmut, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley estimated during a hearing in Washington that about 6,000 Wagner Group mercenaries are currently fighting on the ground in Pakmut.

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It was probably 6,000 actual mercenaries and 20 or 30,000 other men, many of them from prisons.” said the American general.”And they suffer heavy casualties in Bagmud; Ukrainians cause a lot of death and destruction to these people.“For him, the Battle of Bagmuth changed”MassacreTo the Russians.

Follow the events of this 400th day war in our live stream below:

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