Live – War in Ukraine: Finland officially joins NATO, flag raised at headquarters in Brussels

On this morning of the 405th day of the conflict, fighting continues in Bagmouth and its environs. Yevkhuni Prigozhin’s private army fighters, the deadly PMC Wagner, claim to have captured the center of the eastern Donbass city. But Kiev doesn’t hear it that way and disputes. In this highly-mediated battle, both camps are trying to assert their dominance over the city through videos on social networks rather than artillery attacks. Both post-sequence martyrs are too busy filming themselves, fortunately, at different points in the city to prove they are there, sometimes under enemy fire. In this struggle for influence, Ukrainians He mocks Russian claims of capturing the city with a joke that has gone viral: “The Russians raised a victory flag over a toilet.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the investigation into the murder of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky continues. A second man was arrested, amid growing rumors among Russian military bloggers that the attack was a warning from Moscow to Prigozhin, whom Tatarsky was close to, a critic of Putin and his “flawed” strategy.

Finally, Finland will officially join NATO this Tuesday. An entry that scares the Kremlin and makes it known. In this move, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization announced a $63 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

More information and details in our direct below dedicated to this 405th day of war:

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