Live updates from the Starlink Falcon 9 launch at the Cape

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Welcome to FLORIDA TODAY’s Space Team’s live coverage of the SpaceX Starlink mission this morning from Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 40.

It’s launch day again! SpaceX canceled the Starlink mission on Monday, May 27, after moving the launch attempt to the end of the designated launch window. SpaceX did not give a reason for withdrawing from the Memorial Day launch.

Today, SpaceX will once again attempt to launch the Starlink 6-60 mission, a constellation of 23 Starlink internet satellites.

When will the next Florida release be? Is there a launch today? SpaceX, NASA, and ULA’s upcoming rocket launch schedule in Florida

The launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Launch Complex 40 is currently scheduled for 10:24 a.m. EDT. Backup opportunities are available until 11:28 AM EST.

Eight and a half minutes after the start of the flight, the Falcon 9 rocket will land on the surface of the moon Lack of gravity Drone in the Atlantic Ocean. No local sonic booms are expected.

According to the 45th Weather Squadron, weather conditions for the launch window are expected to be 80-90% favorable.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 is now being refueled

Updated at 9:50 p.m.: SpaceX announced that it is currently refueling!

This means that this morning’s Starlink mission is now locked in for liftoff at 10:24 a.m. without any delay in the countdown, otherwise the launch must be postponed.

Update 9:44 AM: This morning, the booster will land Lack of gravity Drone in the Atlantic Ocean. No local sonic booms will be heard – just the rumble of the missile for those near the Cape.

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Update 9:34 AM: While we wait for refueling to begin, SpaceX has confirmed that it remains on track for liftoff at 10:24 a.m. EDT.

9:24 AM: With no further updates from SpaceX, we are currently an hour away from liftoff!

After the successful launch of this mission, SpaceX will launch another Starlink mission on Friday evening, May 31.

Update 9:10 am: EOC in Brevard County activated pre-launch operations this morning.

Updated 8:41 AM.: The space team has a positive update. SpaceX is now targeting 10:24 a.m. to launch this Starlink mission.

That leaves SpaceX with just over an hour left in the launch window, if it has to wait again.

Updated 7:40 a.m.: Although SpaceX has not officially announced a new lift-off date, it has pushed back the go-live time to 9:22 a.m. EST.

The FLORIDA TODAY Space team will update when we have an official launch time.

7:00 am: Although SpaceX has not yet announced a new liftoff date, it has until 11:28 a.m. to launch.

We will update when we have a new launch time.

Update 6:50 am: We are monitoring the situation, and although SpaceX has not announced it, it appears that the live stream will begin at 8:22 AM EST.

Updated 6:38 AM.: SpaceX aims for a new liftoff time. We will update as soon as it is announced.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to be the first to fly on the 10th mission

Update 6:35 am: The sun rises over the Space Coast, revealing scattered clouds, but the sky is calm. SpaceX is still targeting 7:30 a.m. EST — a little less than an hour from now — for liftoff.

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This morning the reinforcement flies in at 10y time.

He will best be remembered for the NASA Crew-6 mission in early 2023.

Update 6:25 am: Pending regulatory approval, SpaceX can launch its fourth Starship test flight in Boca Chica, Texas, on Wednesday, June 5.

In other Starship news, local meetings will be held June 12-13 in Brevard for FAA officials to gather feedback from local residents about the proposed Starship location at KSC Pad 39A.

A virtual meeting will be held on the 17thy For those who cannot do this in person.

Update 6:15 am: Later today, SpaceX will launch ESA’s EarthCARE (Earth Cloud Aerosol and Radiation Explorer) mission from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

This mission is from the European Space Agency (ESA) will explore how aerosols and clouds affect our planet’s climate.

Weather forecast for SpaceX launch this morning

Updated at 6:05 am: SpaceX will try to launch again after yesterday’s scrub.

The 45thy The weather squadron is calling for 80-90% favorable conditions for this morning’s launch window.

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