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Sufjan Stevens New Album – a TRUE Sufjan Stevens album – coming this fall. spear is Sovjan’s first album to feature new original songs since 2020 Boardingwhich is a very quick turnaround as far as this guy is concerned.

spear It ends with a cover of Neil Young’s “There Is a World”. With often-shifting arrangements and a cast of backup singers including Adrienne Marie Brown, Hannah Cohen, Pauline Dellassos, Megan Lowe, Nedel Turrisi, and Bryce Dessner, the album has been described as Suffjan’s attempt at ’70s studio extravagance. However, the single “So You Are Tired” sounds like Sufjan Stevens, although several different permutations of Sufjan Stevens overlap each other. It starts out as a Radiohead-esque piano ballad and turns into a sweet acoustic guitar mode somewhere along the line – but not until it blossoms into something grander, with plenty of guest vocalists throwing their voices around the style of the chorus. The unmistakable voice in the midst of it all sounds sad and perhaps a little bitter, as if some important relationship has come to an end. Soufiane sings at the end: “You’re tired of me.” “So rest your head/Give it all back/We had in our lives/While I go back to death.”

By the way, spear Comes with a great deal of multimedia accompaniment:

Javelin is accompanied by a 48-page book of art and essays created by Stevens, including a series of subtle collages, cut-out catalog fantasies, puffy word clouds, and repeating fields of color. The ten vignettes—alternatively funny, tragic, poignant, obtuse, and specific—offer small glimpses into the love and loss that shaped him and, in turn, these songs.

Hear “So You’re Tired” below.

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Tracking list:
01 “Goodbye Evergreen”
02 “Quick Start”
03 “Will anyone ever love me?”
04 “All That Rise”
05 “Rode the Ghost”
06 “My Red Little Fox”
07 “So You’re Tired”
08 “The Javelin (You Gotta Keep It)”
09 “Shit Talk”
10 “There’s a World”

spear It is out 6/10 on kitty asthma. Pre-order it here.

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