LG Innotek and Jahwa make a periscope lens on the iPhone 15

Apple will use longtime camera module supplier LG Innotek and parts maker Jahwa Electronics for its foldable zoom camera modules. This technology makes a periscope-like lens on the iPhone with a smaller bump for the camera.

As we previously reported, the Jhwa 191 billion won spent on new facilities, referring to a possible partnership with Apple. The iPhone maker even visited Jahwa’s facilities in South Korea in early 2021.

It is believed that Jahwa Electronics will supply Apple with optical image stabilization (OIS) drivers, designed for use in a periscope-like telephoto lens on iPhones.

to you It now claims that Jahwa will supply the OIS actuators made at these new facilities to LG Innotek. This will replace its previous suppliers, Aps Alpine and Mizumi.

Sources close to the topic have reported that Jahwa Electronics’ OIS patents are excellent at creating a foldable zoom technology. This technology leads to a Periscope Camera System Using prisms to bend the light entering the image sensor. The ability to mix light in this way enables vendors to create smaller camera modules that increase the iPhone’s optical zoom range.

to you He goes on to say that Jahwa is working on ball guiding actuators with Samsung and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. “The rolling ball moves the lens barrel, which is different from Apple’s current way of using springs to do this.” The ball guide method has more precise control than the spring method. Additionally, this helps with larger image sensors that support higher resolutions and use more lenses.

Apple has been meeting with South Korean companies since 2019 to work on their camera modules. The Cupertino company is striving to do this to improve the capabilities of the iPhone’s telephoto lens. As work progresses, it seems likely that the periscope lens will do so Be on iPhone 15 in 2023.

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