Lethal Company’s new Arachnophobia mode is a marvel of modern gaming

Spiders are a common enemy in video games and have the unfortunate side effect of triggering arachnophobia, a common fear. What’s a developer to do if their creative vision calls for a big scary spider, but they don’t want to make their game unplayable for those who can’t stand eight-legged little ones? Patterns of arachnophobia are not unprecedented; Grounded Includes a full slider that makes spiders increasingly less spidery. but The killer companyThe new Arachnophobia mode offers an elegant solution that will leave players marveling at the ingenuity.

Instead of replacing spiders with orbs, removing them, or giving them an entirely new model, developer Zeekerss found a clever alternative. Spiders have been replaced by “spider,” which is a nice word, you know exactly What you are looking at.

Incredible things! The new Arachnophobia mode does nothing to make the moons less deadly; You’ll probably still die horribly while trying to collect enough scrap to pay the bills. But at the very least, you can rest assured that you will die with dignity. Phobias and triggers are an underappreciated accessibility issue in gaming, and it’s very nice to see a developer tackling the problem with an unconventional solution. I’m a big fan of the spider wandering around the wall, so all you can see is the menacing PIDER.

The killer company It blew up on Twitch and other social media platforms because of the ridiculousness of the gameplay. You can die in any number of horrific ways, from being sucked into a giant fan and turning into mist, to being attacked by a hideous monster. Although the game belongs to the horror genre, it is perfect at generating surprises, which means that even those who don’t want to play it themselves may enjoy watching the stream. Now, even arachnophobes can enjoy the fun — just keep an eye out for that dangerous red text.

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