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With the QB carousel mostly complete, that seems pretty obvious Galen Hurts He will be under the center of the Eagles next season. However, when asked about the position of the quarterback, the owner Jeffrey Laurie It does not necessarily give a ring endorsement. While Laurie said Jeff McClain in the Philadelphia Inquirer That the organization believes in Hurts because of his intangibles, he never mentions Hurts’ skills on the field. The owner also asked, “Who knows what the future holds, right?” …which is something a QB franchisee probably wouldn’t say.

We heard that the Eagles have done extensive research on Deshaun WatsonMcClain wrote that the organization kicked tires Russell Wilson. However, both QBs refused to waive their no-trade terms to land at Philly, which knocked the Eagles out of the conversation. However, these pursuits make it clear that the front office will certainly consider a promotion at QB.

Some critics have even suggested that Willy could look toward the draft for a signal caller. McClain previously expressed skepticism in that scenario, with the writer believing the Eagles could move one of their three first-round picks with an eye on the QBs in the 2023 draft.

Hurts finished last season with 3,144 yards and 16 touchdowns in the air, but also 784 yards and 10 majors on the ground—both of which ranked first in the league among quarterbacks. The 23-year-old injured his left ankle late in the season, causing him to miss the next game. While this was his only absence due to injury, it affected his mobility during the latter stages of the campaign. We learned in February that Hertz would undergo surgery.

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