Laminar Research Launches X-Plane 12 Early Access

X-Plane 12 is the latest generation of flight simulators from developer Laminar Research. After several previews and teasers for the release, the platform is now ready for early purchase from the official X-Plane website.

X-Plane 12 promises the next generation of weather, lighting, and environment including seasons and 3D sounds, as well as all-new planes to bring the platform into line with today’s standards.

New aircraft include the first Airbus from Laminar, and Airbus A330And the Cessna Citation X regional plane Grumman F14 Tomcat as well as Cirrus SR22 And the Robinson R22 For example, but not limited. All of the new planes include all-new systems and are set to be the best virtual plane X-Plane has seen to date. With the addition of new aircraft, the team has redesigned existing aircraft as well as improvements to aircraft systems very.

Changes to the X-Plane environment come in the form of a file Brand new lighting engine It uses new technologies to deliver a true HDR experience and a more realistic representation of life on the fly. Additionally, for the first time on the platform, the team has introduced seasonal changes that take real-world information to determine the phase of seasonality in that part of the world. environmental sounds These dynamic sounds are also added according to the time of day, weather, and location to deepen the immersion.

On the one hand Changes in the weatherX-Plane sees 12 stone clouds and fog fully represented, 3D dynamic water that collects, freezes and evaporates from Earth’s surfaces according to environmental factors. Aircraft windshields now take advantage of Librain’s virtual integration that displays 3D stagnant water on aircraft surfaces that interact with flight model data such as prop wash and backwash.

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Laminar Research Launches X-Plane 12 Early Access

Other features include an all-new water show that spins over the view, an all-new automatic start system, Updated flight models, 3D trees, a Fixed user interface Plus a brand new air traffic control system Which is now capable of VFR, IFR and other operations.

While the platform is now available in early access form, it’s worth noting that while most, if not all, features are up and running now, X-Plane 12 is still in the development stages that will be subject to performance updates. Bug fixes Ensure that the platform is ready for the full release.

If you want to get early access to X-Plane 12, head over to X-Plane Website where You can buy and download the new simulator for $59.99 / £51.95 / €60.35.


  • Optical, HDR lighting engine
  • 4D weather engine
  • Seven new aircraft – A330, Citation X, SR22, RV-10, PA-18, R-22, Lancair Evolution
  • 3D volumetric clouds
  • Seasonal/weather visual effects – snow, changing vegetation, ice and rain
  • New 3D forest, water and plants

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