La France insoumise launches internal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Taha Bouhafs

Insubordinate France announced on Wednesday that it had launched an internal investigation into allegations of sexual violence against controversial journalist Taha Bouhafs, who withdrew her candidacy for assembly elections in Vénissieux on Tuesday, condemning the “unprecedented attacks”.

The new twist comes as the LFI has fielded almost all the candidates in the 328 constituencies allotted to it within the framework of the New People’s Environment and Community Union (Nupes) with PS, EELV and PCF.

It also explains the tension within the coalition.

The formation of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who was to remove the suspense over his own candidacy in the 4th District on Thursday evening in Marseille, announced on Wednesday that his watchdog group Against Sexual Violence had been “captured”. Alleged sexual violence against Taha Bouhafs “.

He was “confronted with allegations” on Monday and warned that he should not receive the nomination “because of the seriousness of the alleged facts”.

The person involved “made the decision to give himself up”.

Withdrawing his candidacy on Tuesday, Taha Bouhaffs described himself as “facing an unprecedented attack storm” with “a new slander every day”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, followed by several rebels, immediately denounced the candidate as “a pack (which) fought hard”.

At Mediapart, the reporter clarified Wednesday that “the report is the last straw,” which led to his withdrawal.

On Wednesday, Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon tweeted: “Women’s voices must be heard seriously. I trust the LFI’s interim commission to establish the truth.”

Communist leader Fabien Roussel on Sunday called on Taha Bouhafs to reconsider its investment and congratulated Michele Picard, the Communist mayor of Vénissieux.

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But on Tuesday evening, the LFI invested in a new rebel candidate, Idir Boumertit, deputy mayor of Vénissieux and former campaign director of Taha Bouhafs.

According to Manuel Bombard, Inzumis’ campaign director, of the 546 constituencies involved in the deal, “there are 4, 5 or 6 fights (…), but in more than 500 constituencies, things are going much better”.

The PS invested the first wave of 56 candidates in the 70 constituencies allotted to it on Tuesday evening, especially in the 15th constituency in Paris.


The Socialists wanted it for the outgoing MP Lamia L. Araje. But the final deal with ForceFace was assigned to the LFI, which on Tuesday evening appointed Daniel Simonett, a Paris-elected official.

Lamia El Aaraje immediately announced her own candidate. Such a contradiction could lead to his expulsion from the PS, but the party condemning the “injustice” in this investment, according to a socialist executive, may be blind.

The Paris Federation of PS has officially called for a vote for him.

PS is actually likely to face a number of dissidents who are disappointed with the lack of investment. Party spokesman Pierre Jouvet warns that they will be expelled “really automatically” and calls for a “rediscovery of a sense of responsibility”.

But the PS itself has invested in reluctant candidates in the Nupes, the patron saint of Meurthe-et-Moselle Dominique Potier or its representatives, Valérie Rabault (Tarn-et-Garonne).

The Knoops deal also looks set to hit the 7th block in the North, this time with EELV, which announced the investment of its owner, Karima Soya, a few days ago. But on Tuesday evening LFI invested in the Magali drone. The EELV says its candidate should not be left out: “there is no viable alternative”.

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Following the Taha Bouhafs lawsuit, other candidates invested in by the LFI began to become controversial, with Louise Boyard (Val-de-Marne), 21, admitting he had made a “deal” to pay for his studies at C8 a few months earlier. .

On PS, Charente-Maritime Jérôme Lambert’s outgoing spouse, particularly criticized by EELV and LFI, voted against all marriage, eventually telling PS AFP, Têtu confirms the magazine’s information.

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