Kitty in favor of cop: Family will get much less than the amount collected | Death of Nahal

A kitty in support of the police officer responsible for the death of young Nahel, 17, launched by Eric Zemmour’s former campaign spokesperson Jean Messiha, has reached 1,635,960 euros on the GoFundMe platform. However, the family does not receive all of the money collected. Refers to capital.

Hotly contested by the political class, “Shame” was finally shut down by its initiator on July 4. It will not be canceled, according to the GoFundMe platform that hosted it, per the terms. So all the money collected will be donated to the family of the Nanterre agent, the author of the fatal shot. Well, not exactly.

In fact, once donation rights and the costs of using the site are deducted, it is “no longer” more than €625,000. A substantial amount, sure, but vastly understated. The family of the guard must pay 60% (938,037 euros) to pay the donation right and 2.9% (68,000 euros) to pay the hosting site.

“Donations between third parties are subject to 60% donation tax, with certain exceptions, such as associations authorized to receive donations”, Refers to Me Caroline Aupoix, tax lawyer at

Initially, Jean Messiha introduced a kitty in Leitchy, but the French crowdfunding site finally blocked the attempt. He later moved his project to GoFundMe. A company based in California, it comes under US law. Despite complaints by Nahal’s family for “organized fraud, misuse of personal data processing and cover-up of these crimes,” it could not be overturned.

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Nahal’s family files a complaint against Jean-Messiah, and the latter declares that he is closing the kitty in favor of the policeman.

More than a million euros: Why the kitty for the family of the policeman who shot Nahal will not be removed

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