Kelly Ripa Reacts to Kathy Lee Gifford Denying Her Book

Kelly Ripa is unfazed by Kathie Lee Gifford’s rejection.

The current ‘Live’ presenter expressed her gratitude to her predecessor a week after the alum announced on ‘Today’ that she was. I will not read riba’s new book, “Live Wire: Long-Term Short Stories.”

Riba, 52, said on Tuesday’s episode of Podcast “Not skinny but not fat”noting that Gifford’s comments gave her latest release more “attention.”

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa responded to Kathy Lee Gifford’s objection to her memoir.
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She continued, “It’s really hard to sell a book, isn’t it? … So my final comment is, ‘Thank you.'”

The former series star pointed out that when readers review her book, particularly the sections it covers and co-host of the late ‘Live’ Power Dynamics of Regis Philippinesyou think they would have a “very different view” of Gifford.

Kelly Ripa book cover "Current carrying wire."
The talk show host thanked Gifford for the “interest” in her book.

“The comments I got about those chapters were very positive, and the people who read the book took a lot of positivity from it,” she said.

Gifford, 69, criticized RIBA’s memoir two weeks after it was published on September 27.

Kathy Lee Gifford on "Fox and Friends."
Earlier this month, Gifford said she “won’t” read the book because of its portrayal of Regis Philbin.
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“I was so sorry to see the headlines [about Philbin]Gifford, who co-hosted Live With Regis and Kathy Lee for ten years before Reba took charge in 2001, told Fox 5’s Rosanna Scotto.

“You never know what’s true and what isn’t,” she continued. “I went, I hope it’s not true. I just hope it isn’t. Because what’s the point? I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it.”

In the book, Ripa claims that Philbin referred to her as “she” and explained the “basic misconception” that the duo were friends outside of work.

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“I wish I could set the record straight in real time,” she said recently Explanation on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” She added that she had previously been told to “take the highway”.

Hope and Faith alum joked, “As a woman, we’re often told to take the highway, and this is the woman talking about ‘shut it up.'”

As for Gifford, she called Philbin, from He passed away in July 2020 At 88, he was the “best partner” earlier this month.

The Daytime Emmy Award winner said, “He was my boyfriend. We were good friends, and after I left the show… for the next twenty years, we became better friends, dear friends.”

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