Just as she was about to be buried, a young woman awoke in her coffin!

Rosa, 36, was involved in a serious road accident. When taken to the hospital, Peruvian suffered his injuries before being pronounced dead by the institution. Upon learning of the tragic news, his family held a funeral on April 26 in Lombok.

At the time of burying the coffin where the young Rosa was, there was a strange noise that made the blood of those present freeze. Rosa was actually tapping the lid of the coffin. Our colleagues from the Daily Mail report that when we opened Rosa’s funeral bed, we saw the woman open her eyes and see that she was alive.

To assess the woman’s alarming health, the cemetery caretaker then contacted police and an ambulance. Rosa, who was in critical condition, could not be saved by the hospital’s medical service. Despite life support, Rosa dies “again”, but this time is good.

The family, shocked by this difficult situation, acts with a certain anger. “We want to know why my daughter – in – law was taken away for burial yesterday. ” Said the deceased’s aunt.

An investigation has been opened to understand how a young Peruvian was pronounced dead in her absence. According to a possible hypothesis, paramedics would have confused the coma with death, without accurately verifying whether this happened to Rosa.

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