Josh Gedde will not face charges after allegations of having an inappropriate relationship with a possible minor

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Gedi will not face charges following an investigation by the Newport Beach (Calif.) Police Department into allegations that Gedi had an inappropriate relationship with a possible minor, Oklahoma City Thunder police official Josh Gedi said. The athlete.

Newport Beach Police Department officials said they were unable to confirm the allegations. A league source said the NBA has not completed its review of the allegations against Guede.

Gedi declined to comment on the matter in November, when the NBA said it was looking into the allegations.

“I understand the question clearly,” said 21-year-old Geddy. “No further comment now.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN in December that the league was holding off on any punishment for the Jedi until it knew the results of the investigation while it waited for the Newport Beach team to complete the investigation.

“When there is a criminal investigation, we take a backseat,” he said. “So you have an allegation, and you have an ongoing criminal investigation. This affects how players and the players' union work with us because of course the player needs to protect his rights. I won't say never, but that's the path we've consistently followed…and that's where things currently stand.

The No. 6 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, Guede is averaging 11.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists in 39 games for Oklahoma City this season.

TMZ first reported news that the police investigation was over.

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